Today, there are millions of people around the world who have safely received the COVID-19 vaccine, bringing us all one step closer to returning to our usual activities and reuniting with loved ones and family.
That hope can happen when the Indonesian people have achieved Herd Immunity. Herd immunity or group immunity in Indonesia is still quite challenging to achieve. One of the reasons is that the efficacy of the vaccines used in Indonesia is not very high. However, to achieve herd immunity in society, research states that at least 70% of that country's population must be vaccinated. The benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine are not only for the health sector but also for the economic and social sectors.

To achieve vaccination coverage of 70 to 100 percent, many health workers must carry out vaccinations for all Indonesian citizens. The shortage of health workers is also one of the factors that hinder the acceleration of COVID-19 vaccination. The condition of health workers from the government now focuses on Covid-19 patients and quite a lot of health workers who are carrying out self-isolation due to exposure to Covid-19.

In achieving the target of herd immunity by the end of this year, it is not possible to rely solely on the government. Therefore vaccination activities require the assistance of the private sector and medical volunteers. With the help of various parties, we can increase the number of health workers as vaccinators and complete the vaccination target for all Indonesians by the end of this year.

We expect the role of the private sector and public participation to accelerate the vaccine. If most people have been vaccinated and have an excellent immune system to fight the COVID-19 disease, the social and economic activities of the community can return to normal.

About Us

Smartco Bersama Indonesia Foundation, in collaboration with SMARTco Lab, can fulfill this need.

  • Already has a license by the Indonesian Ministry of Health
  • Is 1 of 7 vendors at Wisma Athlete
  • International quality Lab Equipment
  • Fast in manufacturing the primary lab building system 2.5 - 3 Months
  • Trusted by the state and has 20++ hubs
  • Serving the needs of rapid tracing with the government
  • Get free access to A vaccine to share

Smartco Foundation together Indonesia help disburse COVID-19 vaccination services for marginalized communities which are difficult to reach and significantly at risk of being affected by COVID-19 and realize herd immunity in the community.


Smartco Bersama Indonesia will help disburse 250+30 doses of Covid-19 vaccination and essential food assistance in the form of rice for marginalized communities who participate in this vaccination activity.